Metabolic Cooking Review – Is the Fast Metabolism Diet Program Effective?

the fast metabolism diet

Metabolic Cooking Review – Is the Fast Metabolism Diet Program Effective?

Weight loss had always been on my agenda, but I’ve realized only recently that it requires a complete diet change rather than a few days of fasting. I wanted a powerful program to help me with this and my cousin pointed me to Metabolic Cooking which, as it name implies, is based on recipes. I’ve now had extensive experience with it and I’m ready to share it. Read my review of the fast metabolism diet program to help you decide if it could be helpful to you.

The Principles

Metabolic Cooking is designed to stimulate your metabolism so that your body burns fat at a higher rate without the need for dropping your daily calorie intake below the healthy line. The fast metabolism diet is based on three principles. The metabolic Nutri-Profile system shows you what recipes of those included in the program’s cookbook you can prepare and enjoy at different times of the day to stimulate fat burning.

Principle number two is Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon Food Cycling. It’s about varying the sources of nutrients (the food ingredients) that you use so that you prevent your metabolism from slowing down. The third principle is for you to use the so-called thermo-charged fat-burning ingredients. These foods are presented to you in the Metabolic Cooking Approved List so the guesswork is eliminated. When you cook with them, your body will burn larger amounts of fat without any extra effort on your part. I personally appreciate the science behind this program quite a lot and one of the reasons for this is that it gives you confidence when you are on your way to slimming down.

What You Get

The fast metabolism diet program features 250 fat-burning recipes. They are quite diverse and I personally find them to be nutritious, meaning they don’t lead to hunger pangs an hour or so after you’ve finished a meal. The 10 Cooking and Nutrition rules are extremely helpful, especially for someone who’s practically never followed a healthy diet. There’s also the Nutri-Profile system which is very easy to follow and the Metabolic Cooking Approved List.

While there are not ready-made meal plans, like with The French Paleo Burn program, for instance, you learn how to prepare them yourself. The main advantage of this option is that the meal plans are completely personalized. It’s true that it takes some effort to outline everything, but it pays off. The program includes tips on managing your spending on groceries and access to additional resources which are primarily on cooking.

The Bonuses Evaluated

The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide helps you get on track to burning fat and stay on it. I found The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings to be very useful because it shows you how to prepare filling and delicious salad to lose weight in a healthy way. The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide shows you how to make food more delicious without adding extra calories. I love Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets because they are incredibly helpful for keeping your food shopping, cooking and dieting well-organized. Overall, the bonuses of the fast metabolism diet program are excellent.

Effective and Safe?

I lost ten pounds in just three weeks with Metabolic Cooking and I keep getting slimmer. I feel no hunger pangs or food cravings. In my opinion, the fast metabolism diet works effectively and safely.

Any Negative Sides?

There is a good amount of reading involved in this program, but this is not a serious drawback. After all, your goal is to lose weight in a healthy and happy way. I think that this is achievable.

How Much Is It?

The Metabolic Cooking program costs $29, but currently, there is a limited-time offer enabling you to get it for $10. This seems like a great bargain.

The Verdict

The fast metabolism diet program is comprehensive, well-organized and science-based. It could be helpful for slimming down. Obtain more information to make up your mind.

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