1000 Paleo Recipes Review – Are These the Best Paleo Diet Recipes?

paleo diet recipes

1000 Paleo Recipes Review – Are These the Best Paleo Diet Recipes?

I’ve always loved sweets and junk food, but at one point that started affecting my weight and looks seriously so I decided I needed a change. A friend recommended 1000 Paleo Recipes – a selection of 15 cookbooks designed to help you follow the Paleo diet. I wasn’t sure if it could work for me, but I gave it a try. Here is my review of this collection of Paleo diet recipes.

How Diverse Are the Recipes?

In my opinion, the diversity is awesome. There are recipes for salads, appetizers, soups and stews. I didn’t expect to like the soups so much, but they are among my favorite. Then there are recipes for fish, read meat, chicken, pork, seafood and veggie dishes. Since I have kids and entertain often, I appreciate the fact that there are recipes for side dishes too. If you love mixing and matching, then these Paleo diet recipes may be just perfect for you.

Recently, I’ve started using the Paleo breakfast and smoothie recipes a lot and I find them to have a great positive impact on my weight loss efforts. The snack recipes help me avoid hunger pangs without munching on chocolate bars. I like them a lot.

Ease of Use

The books with 1000 Paleo diet recipes in total come in digital form so you can view them on any device, including your smartphone and tablet. I find this incredibly convenient when I’m in the kitchen. Each recipe has a precise list of ingredients and a full set of clear instructions. I’m not a skilled cook, but I find the recipes easy to prepare. The key thing is that they always come out delicious.

Suitability for the Average Family?

When I first checked the digital cook books, I wanted to confirm that I can find the ingredients in the local supermarket. They are readily available and don’t cost much. To be honest, the affordability of the ingredients is one of the reasons why I’m using these Paleo diet recipes. I also have to say that my family and I find the dishes to be quite delicious as well as healthy. This is something essential, especially when you have children on the table.

Are There Bonuses?

Yes, there are two in fact. The first one is a book with 31 Paleo dessert recipes. I’ve tried many of them and most are easy to prepare and very tasty. Then there is the Paleo Diet Quick Start Guide. I found it incredibly useful for understanding the principles of this diet and the benefits which it can bring not only when it comes to weight, but to your overall health too. It’s great to know not only what you can eat, but also what you should refrain from. I recommend the guide to everyone who is just getting started.

Any Drawbacks?

While I’m happy with the 1000 Paleo diet recipes and the guide to switching to this diet, I wish there was a meal plan like the one available with The Paleo Hacks Cookbook. I think this is a feature which is incredibly useful for beginners, especially if your primary goal is to lose weight.

The Price

The collection of 1000 Paleo Recipes typically sells for $49. However, currently, there is a discount and you can buy it for $27. This seems like a fantastic bargain to me.


Should you buy and use these Paleo diet recipes? They are diverse, easy and inexpensive to prepare and very delicious too. I found them to have a major positive impact on my weight and health too. Get more details to make up your mind about this collection of recipes.

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